Do you own a gaming couch?


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May 2, 2019
Gaming can be exciting for most of us that enjoys playing games. The reason is that you feel smart when you get pass each phase of any game that you are playing.

However, sitting at a place to play video games for longer period of time can be tiring and not easy with the back pain. This is the reason I have a game couch that I sit on when playing games. Do you have one at home?
No fixed position or couch for me. I mostly sit into the table and the chair. And even worst case scenario. I have bed on floor and the laptop on table, that's what I mostly use as well.
I just have a simple lazyboy chair that I often use when gaming. Though after a long day I might fall asleep instead of gaming.
I have one chair and the table And for me that setup works out. Because couch and the bean bags tend to make my back painful. And that's not what I want for myself these days.
I'm more of a play on my bed person - just simply because of my room layout it's nice and easy. I just take a couple pillows, stock them up behind me to keep me upright and I'm away with the gaming fairies. However, in my new office I've got a new gaming chair purchased which I'm ready to put together and game with so that'll be a little change of pace for me!
Depends where I'm playing.. In the lounge I have a nice spot on the couch in front of the TV which is just far enough away to be comfortable.

In the spare bedroom I have a gaming bean bag recliner - which is fine, but gets uncomfortable with longer gaming sessions.
I wanna share what is mine, I got a nice and comfortable gaming chair in andaseat, you can check their site at Anda Seat Canada Official Page| NO.1 Affordable Gaming Chair in Canada I'm playing comfortably even with longer sessions. It is high-end leather quality and stronger base chair. My friend recommends this, so i bought one.
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I think it is extremely hard to play the games with the bean bag. Not sure why some of the comments above recommend that. Only game you can play on bean bag is the mobile games.
I have a couch at home but I very rarely sit on it unless I am wanting to. Whenever I am gaming I always sit at my desk in my gaming chair which I have found to be very comfortable. With me streaming quite a few hours per day, I have never had any issues with back pain when using my gaming chair for long periods of time. Would I like a couch for gaming? That would be amazing! If I could fit a couch in my bedroom for gaming that would be amazing!
I dont have a game coach, I have a standing desk for playing games and doing my office work, I can sit and stand both on my desk. its totally depend on my mood. I purchased my one from flexispot, because in my opinion it's more comfortable than couch.

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