Do you like to play horror games before Halloween?


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Sep 26, 2019
Halloween is a month away and I always find myself playing horror games as a tradition I been doing it for years. Do you find yourself doing the same and if so what are some of your favorite horror games do you like to play? here's some of mine.

- Condemned Criminal Origins
- F.E.A.R.
- Resident Evil 4
- Silent Hill Shattered Memories
- Dead Space
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Yeah, I love to play horror games, I have amnesia games and outlast with DLC, I love to play horror games, but now i play GTA old games like vice city. Pewdieman here my channel visit it.
I am definitely going for the F.E.A.R and Home sweet home too. There are some indonesian horror games which are worth playing. But you may have to find them on youtube if you are into horror games.
Just getting ready for a month of spooky videogames! Going with the PS2, obviously, as it has the best Horror Game library out there. I have queued up;

Project Zero (Fatal Frame)
Clock Tower 3
Haunting Ground

Not sure which one to start with this weekend (I haven't played any of these yet) so any suggestions would be appreciated :)
I try to line up some kind of spook game this time of year, but I'm busy with a series right now. So next year I'm planning on Luigi's mansion 3.
I don't touch any horror games really. I'm not a fan of horror films either so that whole genre is not something I like to spend time on lol
I don't have any horror games currently installed. Altho I did enjoy F.E.A.R. Didn't get very far on Dead Space. hehe
Wasn't there an Atari game based on Halloween?

"Hurry up, it's Halloween. Silver Shamrock".

Oh, wait. That's the one with Tom Atkins that wasn't even supposed to be canonical. That's a funny tune, mind you. ?
Play as me, in this game! ?

It's actually not even scary, but it's an early example of a "scary" title, I guess.

It was also only about 7 minutes long.

Nothing killed me. Not toys. Not witches. Not even those pirates. The passage of time was got me. But my legacy lives on...

Well, I can report that Clock Tower 3 sucks. Just started Project zero, it's going alright so far
I love the original Clock Tower. It was like other horror games of the day with the multiple endings, choices you had, and the hilarious dialogue fit in nicely at the time.

The third one though was kind of odd. You had to splash enemies with holy water, then battle them with a special bow. It wasn't a point and click game either, which the others are. Every game funnily enough had a boss referred to as Scissorman.
What do you think of first person?

I kind of don't like it. You feel weird as you slowly run away from something.

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