Do you like stationary cycling?


This form of aerobic exercis has been around for some time now and much underestimated. But did you know that st. cycling beats even walking and running by some significant points? First, one need not much preparation; 2, the stress on trhe body is slighter than those of running and brisk walking. The effect of it on the blood pressure and overll well being is just excellent.


I needed to lose weight fast last year, December and I engaged in stationary cycling as well as some other exercise. I cycled along with a spin tutorial on YouTube and I was sweating bullets. I lost the weight I wanted and was very happy. I haven't regained the weight I lost but I haven't been exercising as much. I tried taking up stationary cycling again this month but it seems a little dull and there's very little motivation to continue. Stationary cycling has a lot of benefits and I'm thinking cycling outside would be more interesting than cycling indoors


While I do stationary cycling occasionally, I mostly prefer taking my bike out and hitting the trails. Something about zipping past the trees and bushes, taking in the fresh breeze and exploring new places gets my working out juices going. I opt to keep my dirt bike oiled compared to my stationary bike.


I have my road bike hooked up to a trainer in my basement. It's not as fun as being out on the trails but we moved to the country 5 years ago and there aren't many paved trails nearby so the trainer meets my needs in a small way. I still prefer to see the sights as I travel instead of just listening to my iPod.

Does anyone wear padded bike shorts for your stationary bikes? I think mine are too stretched out because they just don't feel right anymore.


I don't like it. However, those ski simulators are fun. Anyway, the best exercise is normally just jogging on a trail.
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