Do you like entering contests? Have you ever won?


Do you like to enter in any contests? What kinds do you favor if you do?

I found some online sites that list ongoing contests...I mean, tons of links to make it easier for people to sign up. I'm not sure I want to go that far into entering contests and I would never use my real email address because you can guarantee that you'd be spammed for life after signing up.

Have you ever won any contests you've entered into?

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Only once in my lifetime i have won a contest and i have never won in any other contest. I won a domain in the contest and i won't be participating in any other contest now or in future.


Depends what the contest is. I like to enter forum contests from time to time depending on the prize and how much effort I will have to put in.


Honestly, the only decent thing I won from a contest was a sugar puffs scateboard, it was free so yea, can't complain.

Apart from that though, they've been a royal waste of time for me.

I setup a seperate email and enetered contests and giveaways in mass, the issue was I wasjust sent tons of free samples that were all really crap, just ended up clogging up my house so I stopped doing it.

As the good old saying goes though, 'you gotta be in it to win it'.

My aunty and uncle won a car in a competiton, brand new one as well, all from ringing in to a TV comeptition, so they're not a total waste of time and space.


I won a raffle from a Fun Fair once but that's pretty much it for me.

My daughter won a Scooby Doo video from that company when she submitted something for a contest and it surprised me because it was a 2nd place win!

I tend to feel that I won't win anyway so why enter if it's a chance contest but if there is some effort behind the contest I might give it a shot because then I have more control. If I didn't win, it's more my fault for not trying hard enough? Does anyone else feel that way?
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