Do you host your own game servers?

Do you host your own game server, or rely on others?

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I am wondering how many people actually host their own game servers? If you do, what do you feel are the benefits you are gaining? If you don't, have you ever thought of doing so? What do you feel is stopping you from doing so?


No I lack the technical skill and money to try to host my own. I typically get a professional service to do it.


I never learned how to host my own game. And also worst point is that it may be costly for my pocket. And during the lockdown and the post jobloss trips spending on the game server setup may not be a good idea either.


Formerly 'xXInfectedXx'
I would be tempted to ask a professional to do it for me as I lack knowledge in this field. The worst argument against this, is that it might be expensive for my wallet. I have to factor in Labour Costs aswell as Hosting expenses. Having to spend money on a game server during COVID-19 isn't a sensible idea when jobs are so unsecure.

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