Do you game with the lights on or off?


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Jan 10, 2019
Out of playing in the dark or surrounded by lighting, what do you prefer and why? My preference is having my gaming room well lit up. Gaming with no lights causes me to strain my eyesight.
I also prefer playing games with lights. My eyes also gets easily dry or tired for some reason. It also feels a lot more comfortable when playing games when there are lights around. It is just probably just because we are not used to it or we just aren't comfortable in our position or location in the house. There are also times that it feels cooler to play with the lights off but it still strains my eyes too.
Lights, for sure. Otherwise my eyes and head begin to hurt. I turn off the lights only when my family sleeps and I keep playing.
I think lights are always better. Because working in no lights or less lights is bad for your health. And in such context it can get pretty difficult for eyes. So make sure to play or read in the lights. That's what you should be doing.
I like watching movies in the dark but it's a bit annoying to play games in the dark especially since you're so close to the TV
I prefer a light room, otherwise my eyes start to hurt in a dark room unless the screen is really big.
Indeed dark room and also getting too less light from game would definitely affect the eyes. I am wondering those who play it on TV in the dark would be suffering on eyes front more.
If it's during the night then I would prefer to dim the lights down so I can focus directly at the screen. If it does become strenuous, that's a sign that I need to give myself a break.

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