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Question Do you eat your vegetables?

How do you feel when it comes to eating vegetables? Usually as children, we have tendency to be picky about it. But what about as you've grown up? Have you started eating them more? How do you like to have them cooked?


Who doesn't? Yes, I tend to eat 3 to 4 times a week in my meals. Got to keep yourself looking sexy for these girls and in health right :p
Yes. I had an avocado 10 minutes ago, and I drink orange juice, and eat fresh fish every week, and ensure my diet consists of a lot of other types of fruit.


Now, that's healthy. 😁
I'm partial to Broccoli, and recently I've been eating a lot of black beans and pinto beans. I also tend to eat a lot of peppers and onions as well.

In like Sep. of 2018 I was 350 lbs. I had gotten down to 250, but then I lost my job and the lock downs happened and I ballooned back up to just over 300 lbs. I'm working on getting back to my habits that got me there in the first place, and one of those habits was upping the amount of veggies I eat by a whole lot. ( along with upping the amount of fresh fruit and lowering my intake of other carbs)
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Not a fan of vegetables but eat them because they are good for you. Mainly the green items (with the exception of peas) and carrots are the vegetables I dislike the most.

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