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Question Do you drink green tea?

Lord Saru

Its one of the most refreshing drink available. Infact, when I went to Japan for an office visit, I found that the Japanese people using a fruit infuser like flask to carry around their daily dose of green tea.

I take green tea twice a day, without sugar, jaggery and honey. Its beat taken in an empty stomach.

Do you drink green tea?


Green tea is good for us, But yet English still for me. Might have green tea tonight. If I do have green tea somewhere

Deleted member 3605

I can't do caffeine but I have tried green tea & it is quite good. I like herbal teas.
I did like iced green tea with peach flavour, before companies started adding sweeteners to everything. About the only famous drink that hasn't been ruined is Coca-Cola.

Can you imagine the uproar there would be if they started putting crap like Aspartame in that too? šŸ¤®

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