Do you care about achievements/trophies?


I used to really invest my time chasing achievements or trophies but not so much anymore. I just don't care about them and simply enjoy the gameplay, it has definitely made my gaming experience much better. What about you? Do enjoy the gameplay or do go out of your way to look for meaningless collectibles and doing tasks to complete an achievement or trophy?


I used to be big into my achievements, playing rubbish games for the sake of an easy score.. My score was inside the top 1% worldwide at one point, albeit quite a long time ago (I haven't used this gamertag since 2011).

I've since switched to the PlayStation, and although I'm not as bothered about playing rubbish for the sake of easy trophies, I'll still try and finish any games that I choose to load up.. My current completion is hovering around 50%.


Achievements and collecting trophies make me feel so good on games that I play. I mean I don't see the essence of playing any game unless I am able to pick one or two achievements on the way. I use my trophies to brag when I am talking with others that game as well.


I have never hunted for any achievements or trophies because I don't think that they are that important for me. Right, if I want to collect them I can spend some time grinding them but that wouldn't be as fun as just enjoying the video game. Maybe if you just want to have them for showcase it would be better to get them.


I think trophies can be fun to see just for the sake of it. But apart from that I don't think it does matter anymore because gaming has gone a long way in that case. That's what I have seen so far about it.