Do you care about achievements/trophies?


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Dec 25, 2018
I used to really invest my time chasing achievements or trophies but not so much anymore. I just don't care about them and simply enjoy the gameplay, it has definitely made my gaming experience much better. What about you? Do enjoy the gameplay or do go out of your way to look for meaningless collectibles and doing tasks to complete an achievement or trophy?
I like to play games as is, without really giving much thought to whether or not I've unlocked an achievement. But I've got several friends who avidly collect these virtual 'medals' of sorts, and who swear that this brings out a lot of fun in the games since some of the achievements encourage a wholly different playing style than a person is used to. Does anyone else hunt achievements? Why do you do it? What's the hardest or the most memorable achievement in a game you've ever managed to unlock? Or are you chasing a particular achievement now?
There have been times where I have finished a game and thought that I would try to get all the achievements so I could get the platinum trophy for it as well (I'm on PlayStation 4). But I've never actually gone ahead and finished that task. It just gets too boring if you play a game solely for getting achievements especially since some of them are extremely hard and boring.
I have never, honestly, never been running for the achievements. Simply, they don't mean anything to me, but I know that for some people it is much funnier to play games with collecting achievements. I respect that. But personally, It doesn't mean anything to me.
Personally, it is nice to finish every level with achievements. It adds excitement and it is a rewarding feeling. I love the thought. But this doesn't mean that I won't enjoy a game in times that I won't have it. I am always into the nature of the game and how good it is. I want to be fully entertained and intrigued to keep me going. Somehow games add spice in life.
I am a casual gamer, so I don't usually thought about unlocking any achievement. Though, sometimes, which I think was very rare, whenever I become hooked in a certain game, I tend to play hard until I achieved the highest level but at the end I mostly get tired of it and just move on to another game.
I used to once,e but I gues I grew out of it eventually haha. I used to do it previously to brag haha.
I'm not the type of person to run for achievement. I prefer the game as it is, whether I unlock something or not is ok. I've been into some stuff lately and I was not able to take a look if there is an achievement waiting for me in my game.
I am a person who run for achievements. But, I don't always get them. Anyway, it's fun and it gives you the energy to go on and enjoy the game even more.
Everything on game to me is about winning trophies, achieving new levels and all that. This is one of the reasons I don't joke with training my players on the football manager games that I play. Do you care much about achievements when you play games?
I personally don't keep much track of the trophies and the medals. The reason being the games and it's progress does not matter much. hough if you are grinding for items and the trophies then things would be lot different in that context.
Prefer the sound of an Xbox achievement popping up than a PS4 trophy, and as such I tend to try harder to get Xbox achievements. 😅
Prefer the sound of an Xbox achievement popping up than a PS4 trophy, and as such I tend to try harder to get Xbox achievements. 😅

Hahaha, that's pretty okay as gaming is all about doing what brings us joy. To me, it is all about the trophies as I frequently tell my friends how many trophies that I've won in a game and all that.
I typically don't chase after them either, most end up just being a waste of time.
not really, most are time wasters that you get nothing to show for. But if its easy and fun I would go after them.
I used to be big into my achievements, playing rubbish games for the sake of an easy score.. My score was inside the top 1% worldwide at one point, albeit quite a long time ago (I haven't used this gamertag since 2011).

I've since switched to the PlayStation, and although I'm not as bothered about playing rubbish for the sake of easy trophies, I'll still try and finish any games that I choose to load up.. My current completion is hovering around 50%.
Achievements and collecting trophies make me feel so good on games that I play. I mean I don't see the essence of playing any game unless I am able to pick one or two achievements on the way. I use my trophies to brag when I am talking with others that game as well.
I have never hunted for any achievements or trophies because I don't think that they are that important for me. Right, if I want to collect them I can spend some time grinding them but that wouldn't be as fun as just enjoying the video game. Maybe if you just want to have them for showcase it would be better to get them.
I think trophies can be fun to see just for the sake of it. But apart from that I don't think it does matter anymore because gaming has gone a long way in that case. That's what I have seen so far about it.
I try to avoid achievement hunting. But if I am on stream and want to do something related to the recording, I chase it so that I can show other people about it.

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