Do you buy a game just to play with a friend?


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Mar 27, 2019
I am not talking about buying a game because your friends give you peer pressure into buying it until you agree., I am more speaking of when you decide on your own to buy a game that you usually wouldn't be compelled to try because someone you enjoy playing with really likes it, so you figure it would be a way to spend time together and get out of your comfort zone.

I've done this a couple of times with mixed results. A few times, it's been pretty neat to know we can play together and try it out. It makes me feel very happy.

That being said, not everybody that gets overly excited to play with me or told me to get a game because it would be "oh-so-much-fun!" actually had that much interest in the game or playing with me. I am stuck with a game I didn't care about and only got as a means to spend time with someone else.

Heck, I've also have bought a game I enjoy to a friend that wanted to play and didn't have them, because I thought they were in my position and if they had already said they wanted to play with me, only to have them shelf it and never hanging out with me anyway.

Of course, this gave me a chance to reflect that I was buying and gifting games for the wrong reasons. I was starving for making a connection and videogames is a topic I can share for hours, so as soon as anyone showed any interest in playing with me, I'd go overboard with excitement and get ahead of myself only to have it crashing down. So, of course, learning from that my advice would be to make sure you have at least some interest in the game itself and before getting too excited on a game you usually wouldn't consider, to make sure you are buying it for yourself first. Otherwise, it can lead to disappointment and feeling like you wasted your money.

Anyway, can you guys relate to doing something like that in the past?

Or did you know someone who did?

Recently, I have bought games with the chance to play with a friend, but nowadays I also make sure it is something that I am actually interested to play by myself if needed and I try to get it cheap. That has worked well with me.
The inverse of this actually happened with my brother about a month ago. He wanted to play Overcooked on the PS4, and I didn't. He ended up buying it and playing it himself. He ended up asking me, but I said no. Then I thought, "Maybe I'll just play one round..." What's the worst that could happen?
Then, one round turned into, two, then four... and from then on, I played it with him whenever he wanted to.
I'm glad I took the chance.
I don't buy games just to play with friends because most of my friends have different genre taste. So I purchase games when I like it. That's how it always was been for me.

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