Do you believe gaming is a waste of time?


Feb 1, 2019
I've heard this a lot that gaming is a waste of time that's really just hypocritical statement because most of these people who say video games are a waste of time will also go and watch the average of two to three hours of TV every night. We know everybody has to have a hobby and do we consider a hobby as a waste of time?

It's something that you do to enjoy that make you happy and watching TV is passively consuming, while playing video games is actively consuming and really engaging all parts of your brain reflexes and motor functions and that's honestly a kind of developing more of intellectual and imaginary side of our brain. I also think that we can replicate solving real life problems by practicing our logical thinking through these games. Kudos Gamers. ;)
If you are playing games for 5-6 hours in a day, you are certainly wasting your time. However, if you limit to 1-2 hours in a day, gaming is not a time waste. In fact by playing games, you are relaxing your mind and body. I have discovered that some games even help in analytical thinking.
Playing games helps us relieve some stress after a hard days work. It also helps our mind and increase our intellectual prowess through solving problems and conquering obstacles. Still, too much of everything is bad for our health
Everyone needs something to do to unwind and relax after a tiring and stressful day at work. Others watch movies, tv series, play card games, play sports, etc. It is basically the same concept whatever it is that you do to make you happy and relax. So, I don't quite get the vitriol others have with playing games and towards gamers. We all have hobbies and we all do our best to traverse life without mentally breaking down. We need to respect each other's way of lessening stress in our lives. With that said, play on fellow gamers but play moderately! ;)
Not really, because gaming for others are a time for a break, in many works or busy schedule. If gaming is doing good for a person, it's not really a waste of time. There are people who played video games who improved their social life due to engaging to other people. So I think, it's not a waste of time.
People saying that playing videogames is a waste of time while they're addicted to TV, is just like people saying "oh, you waste too much money on this and that, I would have used that money to buy a house" when they can't afford a house or a car. I usually ignore those type of comments. If you spend a lot of time playing, of course that can take a toll on your life, because that time could be spent being productive. But doing that every now and then is not harmful.
Most people see video games as simple entertainment and playing a lot of time can be even harmful to health, everything is too bad, but I also think that games can even be a great source of income, either doing streaming, guides and tutorials.
It's only considered a waste of time when the player feels himself wasting his time. If playing video game makes you happy, why would this be any bad for you? Just respect the limits not to become an uncontrollable vice.
Most people see video games as simple entertainment and playing a lot of time can be even harmful to health, everything is too bad, but I also think that games can even be a great source of income, either doing streaming, guides and tutorials.

Exactly. This uncontrolled act of gaming is what leads to addiction which in turn causes a lot of harm to the gamer in quote. At the beginning, it may seem harmless but on the long run, it's very inimical to one's health.
I think one can do some time for game in the office off hours or during the metro or bus travel. That sort of time can be spent wisely. Most of the people manage the time into the travel this way. And they don't get addicted in the process. I have found out that to be true in such case so far it works this way.
Yeah it is only a waste of time if you don't enjoy it or your spending way too much time on it to the point your neglecting your duties. People who say this probably spend their time on something that could be a waste of time too toward others. It is the pot calling the kettle black, if you enjoy it, then it isn't a waste of time. As long as it doesn't become an addiction.
Gaming is not a waste of time. Playing computer games will only become a waste of your valuable time if you don't enjoy it anymore or your neglecting your commitments. As long as gaming doesn't become addiction and you play in moderation, you have nothing to worry about.
The thing is that some of the games with grinding were designed for wasting the time. And they force the micro-transactions on the people. So i am not surprised if someone says some of them can be waste of time and money.
Well, it depends what else you're doing and how long you spend on gaming. If you're spending a large number of hours per day playing games (and not making money from it) then it probably is a waste of time

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