Do you always pre-order games or wait?


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Mar 23, 2019
Whenever a new video game which you like is announced and available for a pre-order do you rush to pre-order the game? Some developers give bonuses such as in-game items - money, skins and other things depending on the game if you pre-purchase it. Do you think these extra items are worth it to make you spend your money immediately?

Well, I never have pre-ordered a video game. Mainly because the price is too high for me and it won't be a good deal in my opinion. I prefer to wait for a sale and grab the game with a discount and enjoy it for half the price.
I am like yourself, I can wait till the game is on sale. I feel like I do not need to rush and my library is full of games I am still in progress of completing. Games that offer benefits for pre-ordering are not worth it for the price you are actually paying which is high. If I do see a game I am eager to play , I may consider pre-ordering.
I prefer to get the game on sale. Often the pre ordering is going to be costly in some cases. But often some pre orders offer more than just game download or the box. There seems to be lot more options for the games. I think pre ordering is a good option for those who are into collectors mindset.
I feel like preorders are becoming more of a risky business as of late. I heard about the "canvas bag" incident with the $300 Edition of Fall Out 76 and then how they'd got offered the equivalent of 5 dollars as in-game currency as compensation. That really didn't help things, it's like they are almost cynical with the misleading advertisement for Preorder.

Heck, I was being shown how for RDR2 you can play for a Merch box called "collector" which doesn't include the game, so if you want the merchandise and the deluxe edition of the game with all the perks you are pretty much paying twice. But hey, for some people it might be worth it. I just find it a lot more of a cash grab, but maybe more options it's not that bad.

Anyway, have you ever had a bad experience preordering stuff?
Do you preorder often?
I've never had a bad experience, but I also typically don't pre-order for an additional item...I just want the game quicker. However, in FO 76's case...that was just bad overall.
I used to pre-order games that I really wanted, and then they'd still end up in my backlog.

I figured I may as well not bother, and wait for the price to come down.. I think the last game I pre-ordered was Halo 3 with one of those "limited edition" helmets, that ended up being not-so-limited afterall. Boy did I feel ripped off!
I never have pre-ordered a video game and I don't think that I will ever do it. I'm not in a rush to play the game immediately at the moment it gets released. I can wait some time for the price to go down and grab it with a sweet discount and use the saved money on something else. But it's just my opinion, there are people who want the extras which they receive when they pre-order the video game.
Never have in the past and have I Pre ordered a computer game and I have no intention of doing so in the future. Why?

I'm in no rush or hurry to play as soon as its been released. I'd rather wait until the Video Game has been out for some time and grab a bargain once the price has been reduced due to popularity.
In past when the pre orders used to get specific deluxe and the standard edition. These days most of the pre orders are coming with the digital download option. So I think pre orders these days should be lot cheaper and also offer some sort of discount because customers are building the developers foundation by funding for pre orders.
I'd rather wait. Ever heard the saying - "patience is key?". Waiting a while after a computer game that has initially been released will probably be the best option. I have found from personal experience the price tends to drop and then you'll be able to save some pennies and bag a bargain!
I think humble bundle has now opened a new section on the pre ordering. not sure how much money can be saved on that. But most of those offers look too common with other sites, nothing added advantage.
Depends on the game. The majority of the time, I will pre-order a game because I want it straight away when it launches
I do tend to pre-order quite a few games, after watching videos or gameplay most of the orders get cancelled before I get the game.
Depends on the game, I won't pre-order most but some I will like KH 3 or the upcoming FF 7 remake.

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