Do prefer to use a tablet or phone for gaming?


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Mar 23, 2019
Most people prefer to play mobile games on their phone as they carry it everywhere they go, it's compact which means you can just put it in your pocket and grab it at anytime. But other people prefer to purchase a table for mobile gaming due to the bigger screen. Well, what do you prefer to be gaming on - a tablet or a phone?

Personally, I feel like I prefer to just use my phone for mobile games. It's a device which I use daily in my life and carry everywhere with me. And also, there are some games which require quick reactions such as Clash Royale and that is a situation where the smaller screen helps.
I'm more of a phone person myself I must admit - I wouldn't say I game to such a degree on either device though. It's usually that I find a game I like on the App store, download it and play it like mad for a week or two then play no games for awhile and repeat the cycle once more. Like you mention though, it's a portable device and one that's easy just to whip out and have a quick to-go gaming session.
I think tablet is good if you want to play on the bigger screen. But overall I'd say that playing on the phone makes sense if you want to reduce your expenses. I'd definitely think twice before spending the money into anything expensive. It can be pretty expensive with tablets.
Tablets would probably be good for strategy games I'm not sure since I don't play many mobile games anymore but it sounds like it would be better due to the bigger screen. Not sure but if I had a tablet I would probably give some games a try. Definitely a more interesting way to play versus only a small phone screen.
Mobile Gaming for me. Personally, I enjoy using playing mobile games on my phone only. It's a device that I use in my life every day and carry with me everywhere.
Phone, although the tablet gives me so much more space it's just that there aren't enough good games for it out there yet. I mean if you wanna play something, mostly you'll play it on your phone since it's easier to carry, and easier to controll your character (can't really play PUBG mobile on a tablet..).
I think for those who can't afford the tablet for them phone can be much better option. And in fact there are people who do gaming on their phone most of the time.
It depends on the one that you have at the moment which is something that you should look at. Tablets are always better since you have nice graphics that you can make use of when playing the game. So, for me, I enjoy using tablets to play instead of mobile.

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