Dishonored 2 Best Difficulty - Which To Choose


Mar 25, 2021
My 4th article, this one will be about difficulties that you can pick in Dishonored 2 :).
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Dishonored 2 Best Difficulty - Which To Choose​

Updated: 13 Jul 2021 10:40 pm
Dishonored 2 Best Difficulty

Ridin’ a clockwork!
Michaello's picture BY: Michał Kalinowski

Howdy, sweethearts. You ever played that one game where you mercilessly slaughter tens of people via the sword&supernatural powers? That game where you either run around as a middle-aged man or a young, innocent-looking girl with short hair - Well, I’m talking about Dishonored 2 - this game can be difficult for some people even on the easiest difficulty. And that’s what I’m going to talk to you about in this article <3
In total, there are 5 difficulties in this game and I’ll be discussing each one separately, which one I’m currently playing on, how difficult they are and at the end of the article it’ll be up to you which one you’ll pick. Anyways, let’s get to it!

5. Easy​


The picture sums it pretty well - this is the easiest difficulty, you’ll be obliterating hostile NPC’s in the blink of an eye. If it’s in your desire to calmly explore all of the zones, not worry about running out of elixirs or kill low-skill NPC’s, this difficulty is for you. Keep in mind that with time, this difficulty might get boring and you might want something more challenging.

How it works:​

  • Elixirs give more health/mana
  • Enemies have low awareness and make sneaking for you easier
  • Enemies are more prone to give up on chasing you

Pick this difficulty if:​

  • You want a chill playthrough
  • Want to explore more areas
  • Don’t want to run out of elixirs too fast
  • Slaughter enemies with ease