Digital Foundry: Control vs DLSS 2.0: Can 540p Match 1080p Image Quality? Full Ray Tracing On RTX 2060?


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Dec 11, 2018
After a successful debut on Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Nvidia's DLSS 2.0 arrives in Remedy's Control - and the image quality and performance results are almost miraculous. The full ray tracing feature set can lock to 1080p60 on an RTX 2060 - but what about 1440p? And just how close to native image quality is the new DLSS image?

Summary forthcoming
  • DLSS 1.9 broke down under transparencies, resulting in ghosting and flickering
  • higher resolution fixes subpixel breakup at the cost of higher cost (because higher res)
  • 2.0 fixes subpixel detail issues like flickering
  • movement also breaks 1.9
  • ghosting trail still exists in 2.0 but is greatly reduced
  • pseudo-random micro-detail (rock flecks, skin pores) is better preserved in 2.0
  • text textures has higher contrast but is less legible than native res
  • 2.0 can have high contrast edge breakup at times, but not really visible at regular zoom
  • DLSS doesn't blur micro-detail in motion unlike TAA
  • slight haloing with 2.0 (more visible at 800% magnification)
  • 1080p to 4K is 130% higher performance than native 4K in performance mode (4x scale) on 2080Ti
  • 1440p to 4K is 67% better performance
  • 2.0 cost more than 1.9, but in practice, it's marginally faster
  • 1080p to 4K through DLSS has 11% lower performance than 1080p to 4K with regular upscaling and TAA
  • on a 2060, that same test shows DLSS 15% lower than 1080p upscaled
  • DLSS more expensive on lower end gpus
  • 540p to 1080p DLSS resolves subpixel detail that a native 1080p image cannot
  • Alan Wake ran at 540p on the 360
  • halo artifact is more noticeable at lower resolution
  • on a 2060, max everything, 720p to 1440p, runs in 40s in stressful environments (good for variable refresh rate monitors tho)
  • using Alex's optimized settings from before, drops go as low as the mid 50s
  • dropping to reconstructed 1080p, you'll stay above 60fps
  • best image reconstruction solution so far, according to Alex

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