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Talkin' about DIABOTICAL

Alright so right off the bat... the stress testing was pretty bad. Lots of times where it would lag real bad and you'd basically be chugging across and teleporting into a suicide zone somewhere or someone would show up right in-front and frag you. Online? not fun rn.

Gameplay wise!? If they sped up the movement of the characters up more and opened up some more arenas, I think it would be a good game. As far as it replacing Quake or Unreal??? Most likely not for vets, but for newcomers, it could open up a big door for Arena FPS as a whole... IF they market it right. Cuz so far rn... I learned about this game through some word of mouth and... that's not enough IF they want to go the route of e-sports or want to make a commercially successful product (which I hope this game does well because then Bethesda can stop blue-balling QC players and cancel development of Fallout 76).


Shame there's no plan in the future to support Linux, and 2GD's negative attitude towards Linux users doesn't help much.

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