Diablo 4 is coming soon, is it the last try of Blizzard?


May 6, 2021
hey guys, just got email from blizzard this morning, diablo 4 is doing pre patch purchase and open beta, it's indeed exciting, but it might be the last try of diablo serial, i also hope they can control economic system well so gold farmers wont ruin this classic game.

below is the email from blizzard.

Rise, Frank. Join the fight for Sanctuary today.

This is your opportunity to experience the ferocity of Lilith’s demonic legion and combat the might of the Burning Hells prior to our June 6 release. Pre-purchase Diablo IV and gain Early Access1 to the Open Beta, now live through March 19. Beta will open for all during the Open Beta period from March 24 to March 26.

Your purchase also includes a horde of hellish rewards for your favorite Battle net games—such as Inarius Wings and Inarius Murloc Pet in Diablo III, Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetic Set in Diablo Immortal, and the Amalgam of Rage Mount in World of Warcraft2.

Hell awaits your arrival—get your Early Access to Open Beta today and begin your fight against evil.
1Actual platform availability and launch date(s) of the Beta subject to change. See Diablo com for more details. Minimum Open Beta duration is 2 days. Limited time only. Internet connection and Battle net Account required. Battle net desktop app may be required. Online multiplayer subscription may be required.

2Downloaded separately. Availability date varies by platform and region. Diablo III, Diablo Immortal and World of Warcraft sold/downloaded separately.

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