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Feb 3, 2018
This thread will display everything that i do for FluOnline.
Please note: The only updates that are being showed, is the development from 19-02-2018

Updates 19-02-2018
* Fixed an issue where the skill cooldown was incorrect.
* Fixed Defence percentages.
* Fixed an issue with loots from monsters (This is not your item message occured when a monster died without having the player as his target)
* Party Members are now being displayed on screen and no longer displayed inside the Party UI.

Updates 20-02-2018
* Upgrading Armor & Weapon System Added
* UI Windows are now draggable
* Fixed bugs for fishing
* Started with Item Storage system
* Started with PvP Loots
* Added PvP loot system
* Added Attacker Indicator (Skull) to players who have attacked a innocent player (Player without Skull).
-Skulled players will lose the items on their inventory if they die.

Updates 21-02-2018
* Starting with a Meditation system
- Meditation allows players to increase stats or keep extra items upon death with a skull.
* Fixed PvP Loot Bug
* Fixed Bug where the pvp skull was not being showed.

Updates 23-02-2018
* Finished Upgrading system
* Fixed cooldown when skill got cancelled.
* Added new Monsters

Updates 24-02-2018
* Meditation system has been added
* Started with Meditation UI
* Meditation UI has been added

Updates 26-02-2018
* Fixed a issue where the player who's outside the wilderness could attack a player inside the wilderness.
* Fixed a issue when your inventory is full, you would still pickup the loot item.
* Meditation activated will now drain your currentmeditation. Once your currentmeditation runs out, the activated meditation will be deactivated.

Updates 01-03-2018
* Doing environment design. Making the world of FluOnline bigger. This might take a few days to finish.

Updates 09-03-2018
* Added Game options UI
* Fixed some performance issues

Updates 11-03-2018
* Added a Ability System
* Added fishing to the Ability system.
* Added woodcutting to the Ability system.
* Started on a new combat system
* Still working on the environment

Updates 12-03-2018
* Completed the new combat system
* Removed the old combat system (the skills)

Updates 19-03-2018
* Fixed bug in the combat system
* Added diffrent weapon types to the combat system.
* Added weapon switching to the combat system

Updates 22-03-2018
* Added dialogue system for npc

as of today 23-08-2018, i will be starting on the world design again and do some coding in the meanwhile. This means that i will not work daily on programming and so it might take a while for next updates to come

Updates 25-03-2018
* Made a more advanced npc dialogue system
* Made the npc dialogue UI
* Added a crossbow animation
* Added two more npcs with dialogues to the world

Updates 26-03-2018
Working on a more advanced quest system now doing some tests.
* Added the quest system to the Dialogue system.

Updates 06-04-2018
* fixed a bug where the player could attack himself
* Fixed a bug on the fishing ability
* Added a banking system
* Started on a member system
* Chat messages are now displayed above players head
* Created a bank GUI
* Added shops opening by dialogues
* Re-created the login GUI
* Added a function to go back to the character selection screen
* Added all meditations
* Given all places in the world a name
* Place names are being displayed above the minimap now
* Updated the meditation system so that some meditations cannot be activated if other meditations are activated

Updates 07-04-2018
* Added deposit / withdraw options to select the amount you wish to deposit or withdraw when banking.
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Dec 18, 2017
Any chance for us to test things out? if you give people the chance to test it out they may be more inclined to donate.