Dev Olivia Hill Speaks Out About Censorship in Games



At my previous studio, I wrote material for tons of characters. My single favorite was a warrior woman named Astrid. I loved her. Another employee told me she cried reading a story I wrote for her.

Eventually though, douchebags in suits who don’t actually create anything decided that all the women needed to be more sexually appealing and available, and younger. Far younger.

And it didn’t stop there. The people who created these amazing characters were systematically cut out and creation was outsourced to contract content mills in China. As the game became more money grubbing, the creators got more and more censored.

THIS is censorship. This is the creators’ vision trampled all over. And it happens every goddamn day in the video game industry. But the boys crying “censorship” any time a studio puts a woman in a sports bra don’t give a shit because this is meant to tickle their dicks.



I think only censorship that happens in gaming is left wing game developers censoring the content from the conservatives.
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