Destiny 2’s Osiris and Saint-14 are gay and in love


Destiny 2‘s Osiris and Saint-14 have been confirmed as two homosexuals who are in love.

Robert Brookes, Bungie Narrative Designer, took to Twitter to confirm that, “Saint and Osiris are gay. Always have been.”

Brookes said:
I’ve been writing Saint and Osiris as gay since I started working at Bungie, because that’s who they were before. They are private and nuanced characters. There was never a space in which to unequivocally state their identities. But nuance is lost in an age of queerbaiting.

Fans began to speculate the nature of the pair’s relationship after Saint-14 referred to his lover as “my fiery phoenix”. The Drifter has also made comment on the pair being in a relationship.

Brookes continued:
Queerbaiting exists, it’s not kind, and it has no place in a queer-friendly community or within spaces that promote LGBT rights. There’s a place and time for nuance and that isn’t it, because to do so is actively damaging to a marginalized community.

Representation matters. Whether its sexual orientation, race, culture. It helps you identify with yourself, understand yourself, and feel seen. This is especially powerful for groups of people who still face marginalization and persecution for the way they’re born.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. A current-gen update on PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S arrives in 2021.


Destiny 2 Beyond Light​

10 Nov 2020 (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC)​

why do companies think I care about a characters sexuality?
yeah, ok. they're fruits... so?

am I suppose to jump for joy over this? am I suppose to care?
am I suppose to think it's a big deal when I see straight characters as well?

I might be too "old fashion" but I really don't see how this is "news" unless it's on a lore page or for a dating sim guide but whatever. I guess people like to make everything a big deal now a days.
Of all the games where such a thing makes absolutely no difference to the game itself, even the story aspects, I'd say this is perhaps the most pointless character development. Sexual orientation plays no part whatsoever in Destiny whatsoever, it's absolutely immaterial to the game in any way. I mean, good on them for including a gay couple, that's all well and good, really doesn't matter within the context of Destiny.
Sounds, like it came out of nowhere? Anyways, does it change anything?
Quite literally nothing besides the character dynamics of two particular characters. Beyond that, it's simply a plotline that is only included for the sake of inclusion.

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