Destiny 2 will receive sword adjustments next season


Bungie has confirmed Destiny 2 will be receiving sword adjustments in an upcoming season.

Swords are receiving a sort of tableflip when it comes to light attacks, heavy attacks, and guarding. While you’ll still rip and tear through opponents, as you would expect from a Sword, most of what you know needs to be unlearned. The blades have been rebalanced, and a new energy meter is making its way to swords.
The swords will now posses recharging energy reserve that will need to be balanced alongside ammo, resulting the energy reserve to take over the normal melee slot when equipped.

Although the guard function has always existed, it was never really considered worth the cost. With this change, we hope that players will use their guard intelligently to protect themselves instead of it being an almost unused button. Rest easy, Stronghold has also been modified to still allow Titans a unique guarding experience.
Sword energy and ammo will now be consumed by heavy attacks. The more powerful the energy reverse is, the more powerful the attack.

Guardians won't be left open to enemy attack due to light attacks on the ground causing to loop infinitely with three-attack loops. Cleaving will also be available on all swords and not just aggressive swords.

Finally, a portion of most Sword attacks can partially bypass elemental shields. We added this to give Swords a little bit of a personality difference from shotguns who share a very similar role in combat as powerful CQC weapons.
The sword adjustments will be available in Destiny 2‘s upcoming season which will likely bring back Trials of Osiris event.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and Windows PC.
I always remembered the swords being OP in the first one, while I played a bit of the second one I remember them still being rather powerful.

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