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Dec 12, 2018

Platform(s): Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One
Release Date:
PC - October 10th, 2019
XB1, PS4 - April 24th, 2020
Switch - August 14th, 2020
Genre: Adventure
Price: $29.99
Player(s): 1
Format: Digital/Physical (Physical release delayed until August 14th)
Developer: KeokeN Interactive
Publisher: Wired Productions
Size: ~10 GB

What is Deliver Us The Moon?
Deliver Us The Moon is a third person Sci-Fi thriller where you play an astronaut sent to the Moon to try and restore an energy transmission system that will save the now desperate Earth.

What do you do?
You directly control your character as they navigate the environment solving puzzles and uncovering the game’s narrative. Think of something more in line with a point and click adventure game but viewed through a more traditional third-person-adventure lense.

How long is the game?
Playtime ranges from 4 to 6 hours going off of the game’s HowLongToBeat page.

Is the game enhanced on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X?
TBA on specifics but the game has an “Xbox One X Enhanced” tag as well as “4k Ultra HD." It's fair to assume there will be Pro support as well.

RTX support on PC?
Yes, RTX was added to the game on December 19th, 2019.

Game Pass?
Yes, the game is part of Game Pass on Xbox One. If you are an active member of that service you can play Deliver Us The Moon for no extra cost.







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Hardcoregamer 3.5/5
While the title does not have a quantity of gameplay, it sticks to its indie roots to make sure there is quality in what little there is. If you’re looking for a gripping, emotional science-fiction story, Deliver Us the Moon is waiting.
CogConnected 80/100
The story and the world are fully realized. More than that, they are fascinating and well presented. The developers at KeokeN took the criticism very serious, and have worked hard at optimizing their game, ironing out the uglies, and taking all the ideas they were saving for future content and putting it all on the screen right now. It was a great idea, because the game may not be as long as the latest Rockstar offering, but every second is curated to be a powerfully crafted experience.
The Indie Game Website 8/10
There is pain and fear in the stories you hear, there is hope and yet a sense of overwhelming loss. There is jumping across the moon and zipping through space, but also a sombre reflection on our capabilities and inevitable corruption. Although it would have benefited from streamlining its approach and deciding on its priorities at times, Deliver Us The Moon is a game worth playing, worth keeping an eye on in the wake of any new updates, and is an experience to be savored.

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