Dealer's Life 2 review: Is it worth playing?


In this Dealer's Life 2 review, the dealer's life has become a reality. Keep in mind that this is an Early Access product, so it doesn't include all of the promised features, but it's still a lot of fun.

If you're a logical person, you've probably guessed that this is a sequel, and you'd be correct. I couldn't compare the two without playing the original game, but I do know that they have the same basic principles. However, we're looking at this as a stand-alone situation. Don't worry about the '2' suffix.

Keep in mind that Abyte Entertainment's Dealer's Life 2 is best suited to gamers who don't have much of a life of their own. But honestly, as "Let me just play through this queue, and I'll finish," this game is a time sink. You're still serving Johnny Public a week later, and that beard you took off? It's come back. Male or female, it doesn't matter.

Dealer’s Life 2 Review​

So, what's the big deal here, eh? Dealer's Life 2 is a tycoon game, although a simple one, for the uninformed, such as myself. You've opened a shop in the slums and asked locals to bring their items in for you to buy and sell for a profit. Yes, it's Pawn Stars, but the show's only fakes are the objects, not the cast.

At this point, the basic gameplay remains the same; the only difference is that objects become more expensive and attractive as you go. The process goes like this: a customer walks in and says, "Do you want to buy this from me?" or "I want that." "How much does it cost?" It's a case of bargaining for both alternatives. For the first, you'll want to go as low as possible; for the second, you'll want to milk them for every last dime!

What else can you do with all this cash besides purchasing a sports automobile to compensate for your unique situation? You have the option to invest in both yourself and your company. Let's start with you.

You have the option to invest in yourself every morning. Charisma, competence, insight, and luck are the four categories. You progress in that area with each metric, whether it's your negotiation abilities or your capacity to spot a phoney. You can buy stuff for your house in a static image in addition to upgrading yourself, however I'm not sure how useful this option is because it appears cosmetic.

Employing Workers​

In Dealer's Life 2, you may employ workers ranging from bouncers to handle issues and get customers in and out of the door to specialists who can recognise a fake to foragers who can work on a fake. Because you have so many spaces, expanding your location will increase your opportunities as well as the merchandise you can keep. You can't make money until you have stuff.

Each employee is given a three-star rating. Their performance, as well as their weekly income, improves as their skill level rises. Of course, if you want the best employees, you must be profitable. You'll need to extend your empire and invest in your abilities to accomplish so. But most essential, understand how to take advantage of your consumers!

While the idea is nasty (it's only a game), there are two ways to go in terms of reputation. You might be seen as trustworthy or a rogue. You can make money selling fakes, but your reputation will be jeopardised.

Possibility Of A High Turnover​

You may either report fakes or work on them and sell them for a profit. The rarity and condition of the items are used to rate them. Getting your hands on something epic is a blessing, but if it's in bad shape, you won't earn as much money or should be purchasing for less. There are employees that can enhance the situation and so raise your sales.

Each day in Dealer's Life 2, you may read gaming tips, recruit and dismiss new employees, and participate in events — if you have the proper level and money. An auction provides the option to buy and sell items. The latter is hazardous since you have no control, but if your negotiation abilities are poor, you may be able to benefit handsomely. In addition, you may buy blind in a storage auction and get a good deal on various goods.

Dealer's Life 2 is incredibly addicting, and there doesn't appear to be any way to stop it. A speedy game spirals because you want to keep pushing it, as previously said. However, there are hazards involved, as you might wind up investing a lot of money on an item and then not be able to pay your employees or purchase fresh inventory. Even if you have some large products, they may not sell, therefore it's a good idea to stock up.

Investing in oneself is simple enough, yet storefronts are costly and appear to be infinite, costing millions. You also have to pay for overheads, such as personnel, as well as the rare occurrences when property is damaged or organised crime infiltrates your domain.

The game's visuals are gorgeous, the controls are simple to learn, and the overall simplicity is a lot of fun and addicting. Dealer's Life 2 is presently available in Early Access, with a few new features planned. In its current condition, the game is entertaining and worth checking out. Find out how to download Dealer's Life 2 APK for free.

I played the first game, Dealer's Life and it was great fun. Lots of hours spent. I need to give this one a try when I get a chance. Nice review though, gives me an insight on what to expect.

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