Dead by Daylight's new killer is a 2-in-1 called The Twins


Dead by Daylight has revealed its next chapter alongside its a 2-in-1 killer, The Twins.

A Binding of Kin is the title of the next chapter which features a woman with a sort of conjoined deformed child. The woman will be able to rip the child from her stomach and set it loose on survivors.

The Dead by Daylight video (above) confirmed the child portion of The Twins is named Victor.

The content will also add a new survivor named Élodie Rakoto. Not much is known about her at the time of writing.

Dead by Daylight is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Series S, Switch, Stadia and Windows PC. There’s no release date set for A Binding of Kin as yet.
This game just does not interest me.

Silent Hill better be at the Game Awards. I hate Konami and their shallow business choices. Like, for real...
Horror games are the genre I will watch being played, but I definitely am not playing lol.

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