DayZ Survival Gameplay

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Feb 7, 2019
Zombie survival is one of my favorite genre in the gaming. What if the simulation of Sim meets the zombie survival? Dayz is the game that offers you just that. You can see that it can get pretty interesting to see how the survival approach could be different on that note. Here you have to navigate your way around in the due level process and survive the game. It can be fun to play despite being Sim like appearance.

Check out the walkthrough.

Yes for sure it is popular and considering developers are moving towards building the future of the franchise. I am looking forward to their progress on that note. I just have to see how that goes around so far it can be not that bad from what I have seen.
I have seen the movie with Brad Pitt but I haven't played the game yet, I was so busy last year with my job and our newborn son that I could not try to play other games than the ones I already own.
This is different from the brad pitt movie. You are referring to the Z nation movie. In such case the Dayz is lot different in that case. Most of the zombie games are kind fo pretty much the same with not many changes.

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