Days Gone


Days Gone is a game by Sony that was released on April 26th of this year. So far, it has beat every single game in terms of sales since it was released. It's officially the best selling game in the UK.

I haven't gotten it yet or heard of it but I saw these statistics and became incredibly intrigued. Have you guys played this game? Do you like it? If you had to compare it to another game, what game would you compare it to?

I'm a huge Call of Duty fan. Would Days Gone be right up my alley? Let me know!:)
I so want this game I think because of its E3 2016 reveal it built up a following

It's more RPG the shooter and mainly solo so if call of duty is your favourite game this might not be for you but would say try it anyway


It's more of survival game. So I won't compare it with COD or even Metro Exodus. But if you like campaign type episodic gameplay experience. Then you may surely enjoy the days gone. I loved both the metro exodus and the days gone.