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Jun 15, 2019
Yesterday, I finally finished Days Gone for the third time... and I must say, it's a very beautifully designed game with pretty amazing details, but it's also rather annoying in parts, as well as being what I'd call vastly repetitive. Over and over again, you do the same sort of missions for the communities that are holed up in the various camps across the United States.

There's one mission quite late on where you are talking to a guy named Weaver in a lab that is situated on this island, run by the militia you're recruited as a part of (basically so the main character can look for his wife). The dude requests that you look for his MP3 player, last seen at an abandoned camp he was at before. One problem: I ran into one big God darn horde of the game's primary enemies, called Freakers, making retrieving his beloved tunes nearly impossible. Other times, I'd battle many, many heavily armed marauders, only to be jumped by a pack of wolves either during or after the conflict, or worse still. The faster, infected wolves that are referred to as Runners, would also appear. Sometimes in a pack of six. Other times, it would be bears, with the infected variation being known as Ragers.

Yes, you can take on hordes of Freaks and overcome them. That takes a lot of skill and patience. Fortunately, if you have to battle a horde per a storyline, you're allowed to skip it after three failed attempts. The same applies to the NERO research team monitoring missions that one such researcher has you doing for him, or the nippy motorbike chase sequences, which waste a lot of fuel and ammo, and hereby feel relatively pointless.

There's one very tough battle with a horde inside a dark cave with only lit flares for light, but I learned that the best way to fight them there is to look for a space in the cave, go through it before the horde gets at you, throw a few explosives at the horde, and basically repeat the cycle until only a few remain. Then you just shoot at the rest of them.

I think it took me over 30 hours to do most of the game's various objectives; I didn't do absolutely all of them, such as burning down the nests. There was quite a lot of them in the country, and usually the amount of Freakers dotted around nearby made doing this an absolute chore anyway. The same with the nests guarded by the infected crows. You'll certainly feel like you've achieved something if you keep at it, though. But this game is far from easy, and at times, you'll find yourself cursing it. A lot of the time is spent prying open the hoods of vehicles for to obtain scrap metal, or looking for kerosene, bullets, bandages, vegetation, and fuel cans. You also have to dismantle speakers if you restore the power at the NERO units, as it will attract a horde. Looking at the map is recommended, as you can drive your bike off of broken roads, and this is risky. You'll either die or screw up your bike's engine, and you cannot do repairs while in water.

The voice acting and motion capture though, is utterly splendid. In fact, the game has a lot of likeable characters, and in general, the atmosphere feels similar to other games like The Evil Within 2 and The Last of Us. However, I feel what really let it down a year back, is the large amount of bugs that plagues it. I've had to patch the game several times now, and it still ain't perfect. If you end up with a black screen, you just have to reset the console. In general though, I really like this game for what it offers. The secret post credits ending suggests a sequel could happen eventually. Hopefully, Sony will proceed with that someday...
I have one question, does it made you feel like, the whole creature thing could be more detailed or has more depth or something to extend ahead. I mean otherwise it just feels like some another episode of the walking dead isn't it? But yeah I agree it is nicely designed and had excellent trail to follow.
The scientist said to Deacon St. John at the end that the Freakers are evolving. This definitely indicates more varieties of them could appear in a sequel. In general, I do like the ones they already have. Most of them are introduced in a storyline. Like, if you're at the Lost Lake Camp, you can overhear someone mentioning seeing a Screamer before you find where it is.

Similarly, you encounter the first Rager at a lodge when two cadets are stuck on the roof of a cabin. This is a mandatory battle. You can usually evade them. There's also the Reacher encounter in a cave. So it's not like they just show up for the hell of it. You can tell Bend Studio cared about making a great game. 🧟
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I'd love to see a sequal as I found the game to be one of the better new ips of the current gen
I am glad you liked it, Turbo.

Seems like Bend Studio is hiring for a new unannounced game. 😉

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