Days Gone - Fun gameplay, good graphics and storyline

I've had a lot of fun with this game. The glitches are surely annoying, and you do the same type of missions too, but I really love the gameplay, graphics, and the characters. It felt like I was playing a sequel to The Last of Us, in a way. Hell, you fight virtually the same assholes in it. There's not much of a difference in the bad guys, and how they function.

My favourite part is when you sneak around in the dark, quietly wiping out the scumbags with your crossbow. In one section of the game, I recall you were at these houses, and there was like 50 guys all over the place, just shooting your way, and throwing molotov cocktails everywhere. It was bloody crazy, but I liked it.


I think the game was good in terms of the bike riding and the story. I think we needed more horror and survival bit into the game. In that context the game was definitely good.
Yeah. You'll love it, man.

It's a pretty interesting game. It is a horror game with infected creatures called Runners, Clickers and Bloaters, but it is mostly a game that I'd class as an action-adventure game with a heavy dose of drama. A huge majority of the enemies you face are humans that gang up on you. It's way better than any of the recent Resident Evil games. And if you play the game, you will see why I'm turning against Capcom and choosing to support Naughty Dog and Bethesda nowadays.


There's not really any puzzles in the game. You normally just have to fetch something to help Ellie get across water as she can't swim. That's it. You don't get any other puzzles. Normally it's just a case of evading enemies or killing them to proceed to the next area. There's not really any boss battles, although your encounters with the Bloaters could be considered as boss fights because they are pretty tough and hard to kill, until you upgrade your firearms. There's also similar enemies in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 that launch fireballs at you.

To be honest, I think Naughty Dog could definitely sue Capcom, as there's way too many similar things in their game.
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