Dark Souls III Champion's Ashes Mod - Combat Overhaul


Dec 11, 2018
ASHES is a complete gameplay overhaul for Dark Souls III, intended to competitively balance PVP once and for all. Experiment with new and reworked weapons, movesets, rings and more! Say goodbye to exploits and forge your own way to victory.

ASHES is intended to be a permanent fix for PVP and to completely replace vanilla. It is a huge, quality-of-life fix that creates a complex and challenging PVP experience. Our goal is to make most, if not all, weapons and spells relevant. Winners should be decided by skill, not weapon matchup.

We want players to never feel pressured by the game's limitations and have hundreds of viable playstyles, the way the game was meant to be. The original game emphasizes reactivity to the point where people have become frustrated with its PVP. In ASHES, you will find PVP more aggressive and rewarding through numerous changes, such as:

- Brand new "Feint System"
- Thorough gameplay mechanic rework
- Reworked movesets for current weapons
- Variety and combination builds
- New, original weapons
- Restored content
- Removal of game-breaking exploits and bugs
- Improved spells and spell feints
- Sherbet consumables for custom colors
- New armor sets, rings, and more...