Dark Souls Dev: PSVR ‘More Limiting Than Expected’, No New VR Plans


Dec 25, 2018
It doesn’t sound like Dark Souls developer From Software will be making another PSVR game. At least on the current headset, that is.

Speaking to Destructoid at E3, producer Masanori Takeuchi said From Software has no plans for another VR game. Last year the team released Deracine, a PSVR exclusive that was very different to its other titles. We were quite fond of it, but Takeuchi said the team actually found working with the headset “more limiting than expected.”

It’s true that the PS4’s limited horsepower has been a strain for some VR developers. The console just isn’t as powerful as the PCs that run Rift and Vive headsets. Other developers like Gran Turismo’s Polyphony Digital have also spoken out to similar effect. But From is hopeful the upcoming PS4 successor fixes that.