Dark Pictures Little Hope release date scheduled for October 30


The Dark Pictures Little Hope release date has been scheduled for October 30, Supermassive and Bandai Namco have confirmed.

Little Hope is the second in the horrific anthology series, starring Will Coulter as one of the game’s leads, following on from Shawn Ashmore in The Dark Pictures Man of Medan.

Pete Samuels at Supermassive said:
As each of the games in the series are very different, so too are our inspirations. The cinematic and literary influences for this game include The Witch, Season of the Witch, and Blair Witch, but people will recognise some other strong influences such as Hellbound Heart, Hellraiser and other similar works by Barker.

Also, two of my personal favourites It Follows and The Omen. Interestingly, our studio is just a stone’s throw from Guildford Cathedral which features strongly in Richard Donner’s 1976 classic.

Man of Medan is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Little Hope heads to PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on October 30.
I hope some of the flaws from Man of Medan are fixed (unskippable cut scenes, flaky QTEs and not being able to move between chapters once the game is complete).

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