Cyberpunk 2077 over sexualized trans ad raises concerns about how the game may potray LGBT


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Dec 25, 2018


Notice the enlarged crotch area of the person.

This seems like another situation where people are being too sensitive. Best thing is for people to simply ignore social issues - cause bringing attention to them is only firing up the other side. I mean, for instance, I'm not for having women on a leash, yet, on the other hand, I don't see the harm in scantily clad gaming characters.

Anyway, there will always be drama-mongers on both sides - the cultural left and right - but it seems like these groups have gotten way too powerful lately.

O.K., what can be done about this situation? Is it enough to tell people, "Lighten up?".
Cyberpunk or Night City is a terrible place filled with terrible people.
"in this dystopian future, these megacorporations are oppressive, they've basically taken over and prescribe who people live. They constantly, aggressively sell everything." as the artist says.
So the people that got offended actually got it right just remember Cyberpunk is fiction, thankfully.
I was wondering what was wrong with it and then I noticed. I'm not trans so obviously I may be wrong but I don't see how it's offensive really.

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