Cyberpunk 2077 mod allows for male V romance of Judy


A Cyberpunk 2077 mod allows for a male V character the chance to romance Judy.

The mod will allow players with a male version of V to engage in a once female-only romance of Judy. All dialogue spoken by the male version of V has been recorded by the character’s original voice actor.

CD Projekt Red said the dialogue wasn’t cut, but recorded “so we could avoid missing something by mistake that would require future recordings.”

This was done with pretty much everything just to be on the safe side although it can vary between the different languages. Judy was always only a female V romance partner and that was the artistic vision from the start, there was no male romance option cut from the game.

A video (NSFW) showcasing the romance alongside a how to is below.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. It’s backwards compatible on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.


Cyberpunk 2077​

10 December 2020 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)​