Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion Thread 2023


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Feb 10, 2023

Just wrapped up my 3rd play though of Cyberpunk 2077. In a nutshell, I have been assimilated. :) Despite it’s flaws and limitations, I describe this as a significant achievement in gaming. Obviously, a lot depends on if you are hooked or not, if you can accept the environment as it exists with its limits, while enjoying what the story offers.

I’ve found that since Fallout 4, not sure if it is me or the improved characteristics of the games in general, technical advances in what games can offer today as compared to 30 years ago, but I’ve found myself immersed into some stories, where it kind of becomes an escape to a temporary alternate reality.

Here are my opinions about the game:
  • My impression is that they short changed the starting paths at least Nomad, which is just window dressing. There should have been a legitimate quest chain, not a single mission. Yeah you are a Nomad who drives straight to the city, how distinctive and unique. ;) However, Nomad actually has imo, the best path and actually a quest to get you into the city.

  • The Main Quest and Companion Side Quest are the best a I’ve ever seen. One critique leveled at the game is that there are no real choices. I agree and disagree. Most of the main story plot offers little choice other than what you decide to do, or not do. There is no real branching of the story, but there are companions that can be romanced. And at the end there is a huge choice of how you want your character to end the game.
    For those who want to know there is the good ending, the best ending and the worst ending, all subject to opinion and preference. :) And if you want to know in advance, you’ll have to research it, ask me about it, and/or make sure to make and keep saves at pivotal points near the end.

  • Best, most fun build, Katana/pistol stealth. I am just an average Joe player, no lightning reflexes, not super twitchy, and the buffs you get in this game, some might describe them as over the top, but remember, you are a cyber enhanced humsn being. I call them wonderful. :D If anyone wants to know, I can describe it in more detail, can tell you exactly where to put all of your experience points to become a practically unstoppable, lightning fast, killing machine wielding a blade, with a pistol to help softer the objective up, ie whittle down the numbers of NMEs from a distance before launching in with your whirling blade. First playthough was on normal, second and third on hard with the only caveat is that on hard, a little planning is required. You just can’t jump in the middle of 7 bad guys with your blade and expect to survive, at least not until closer to the end. ;)

  • The ”Gigs” and Police Notices of illegal activity, compared to the main and companion quests may seem like filler, but what they represent are tactical combat encounters for you to home your skills and scoop up lots of XP.

  • My primary crItique about the game is that when not totall immersed in the main and companions quests, it feels like you have no life, no need to sleep or eat, or even visit your apartment.. Night City is the most impressive city simulation I’ve ever seen. It is so good, you almost expect you can walk up to a pedestrians on the street and have a conversation. Sadly you can’t. This is where you realize just how good, but how shallow the simulation is.

  • Finally my tip fior the game is do some gigs and side quests to get your feet wet, while following the Main Quest though the significant event that happens during and right after “The Heist“. Then go very slow on the Man Quest patrolling the city doing every companion, gig and side quest you can, until they are exhausted before you start moving ahead with Takemura. Sure meet with him, and let him pitch his idea, but there will come point when you approach a restaurant for a meeting, and you’ll be warned by the game that proceeding in this particular quest there is not turning back, my suggestion is to stop, turn around and finish cleaning up the city, unless you are sick of the gig and police scanner routine. Then by all means continue with the Main Quest for at least one epic ending, that is if you picked the good one. :D

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