Crytek Engineer praising PS5 and Chris Grannell who says PS5 is staggeringly worse than Xbox Series X are both frauds


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Dec 12, 2018
A little while ago there was an article in an overseas site that had an interview with a Crytek Engineer. That part is real of course, the guy actually does work at Crytek. But it was found out that the guy did not have direct access to either devkit and was a mobile developer at the time.

( Edit : feel bad here for calling Ali Salehi a fraud in the title. He never actually lied about anything in regards to his position at Crytek. )

So in an effort for fairness, this needs to be known about Chris Grannell.

Chris Grannell is the source you keep hearing about on social media sites, supposed game news sites, and of course YouTube sites ( the bastion of fake insiders currently ). He is the one who says the " difference between the PS5 and Series X is staggering ". And makes claims that the PS5 would have difficulty rendering open world games and such and such.

What's the problem you ask? Remember what I said about the above Crytek developer? The same thing is happening here with this former Sony developer. He has no devkit. He does not work for any game company even. He hasn't been In the game industry for 10+ years. Yet here he is creating headlines talking about the technical aspects of both systems.

Beyond just that information. Chris Grannell is a fraud. His PUBLIC LinkedIn is a lie. Within the LinkedIn he claims to actually be a game designer for Killzone 2. This is a staggering claim and absolutely false. He is not credited at all during the creative portion of the Killzone 2 credits. The only time his name is seen is when the list of employees at other studios is shown. In his case his name pops up during the SCEE Liverpool section. He did not have anything to do with the creation of Killzone.

He also mentions he is the game designer of Wipeout. This is another lie. His name can be found nowhere in regards to the Wipeout titles. ( Edit. After further research I cannot find his name mentioned anywhere in regards to Wipeout HD. What I found was actually his own words stating he worked on Wipeout HD in a forum esque looking post. Researched further and for alot longer and his name never comes up with Wipeout credits anywhere at anytime )

His only legitimate claim to anything in regards to game design for Sony is the Formula One series on PS3. From 2001-2007 ( edited ) He is credited as " lead design ". Not lead game design, just lead design. Lead Game Design is credited for someone else. ( Edit someone found more info, he is credited as game design in the formula one series, Lead once )

So we have a guy running around social media claiming 14+ years experience as a game developer for Sony and claiming game design ( even saying Lead game design ) for Killzone 2 and Wipeout and such like that when in reality he worked on a few formula one games as game design for 6 years.

That is what you call a fraud.

If Ali Salehi should have all his statements retracted because he didn't have a devkit. So should this guy.

Will it happen? Lol. Probably not. Not with this current media cycle. Just look at the headlines created by this guy.

I'm seeing articles even claiming he worked on Horizon Zero Dawn lol. That he was a lead game designer at Guerilla Games ( he never worked for Guerilla Games ever ), etc etc. It's staggering.

So as I said. Simply for fairness sake. Let's let the truth be known about this so called insider. If he will lie in a public record, what truth can he possibly claim to actually knowing people with PS5/Series X hardware ? None. His credibility is gone.

It's unfortunate the hype surrounding the next generation allows such people as the above to flood media sites with false information but here we are. People like to use times like these to bolster their image or whatever. This is when you see all those fake insiders appear out of the woodworks with " secret information ". Just follow my channel and click that subscribe button for more!


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