Crystal Clans: Custom Deck Construction


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Jul 29, 2021
I recently got Crystal Clans. I really like the game. In MTG I have a lot of fun creating or playing custom game modes and I would like to apply that to CC.

I am looking for comments on:

How to design a custom 3- and 4-player battlefield.

How to design a balanced custom deck (no deckbuilding but entire custom decks

I've imagined a 2v2 game mode before but haven't tested it yet so I have no idea of its balance.

Any contribution or reflection is greatly appreciated !!
In crystal Clans, you can make the various battlefields, but you need always remember to balance them properly between sides or make teams switch sides after some rounds, so it will be fair for both teams. TO design a custom deck, you would need to buy a premium account, so you will need to buy some diamonds in the store or visit the for free possibilities to gain some diamonds on your account to buy the premium account. Have good luck, gamer!
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