Creative Social Hobbies That Introverts Will Love


Many people often joke that introverts are happy to never leave the house or be social, but that’s not true. Everyone needs friends of some kind, and hobbies are a great way to meet like-minded people. Discover these creative and social hobbies that introverts will love.

Tabletop Role-Playing Games​

Abbreviated as TTRPGs, these games include popular titles like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Vampire the Masquerade, and Blades in the Dark. In a TTRPG, you sit around a table (or a virtual tabletop) and go on adventures with your friends, usually with the help of some dice. Creative players love getting to design their own characters, miniatures, and even entire worlds to play in with their friends.

Tabletop Wargaming​

The ancestor of many other tabletop games, wargaming has been around for at least a few hundred years and may even go back to ancient times. Basically, it’s any type of game where you simulate battles, typically with miniature figurines or tokens to represent different units. For creative introverts, wargaming is perfect because there are so many different styles of wargaming and ways to customize your armies.

Indie Board Games​

Board games deserve mention on this list mostly because so many of them today come with unpainted miniatures that you can customize in any way you’d like. However, many strategy games also play to the preferences of creative minds, encouraging players to think outside the box to win.

Model Trains​

One of the many benefits of model trains is that the hobby has such a long history, meaning there are tons of clubs, organizations, and events for members of the hobby to participate in. Joining a forum, visiting a model train store, or checking out an event are fantastic ways to meet people and have something to talk about.

The best part about these creative and social hobbies is that introverts who don’t enjoy small talk with strangers will always have a conversation topic to fall back on. We hope this list gives you some inspiration to get out there (or get online) and meet some fellow introverted creatives.

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