Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled includes racially insensitive skin for Tawna


The latest update for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled introduces characters Tawna and Nitro Squad. Each character has different sets of skin and one of the ones for Tawna is pretty insensitive. One of her skin changes changes the fur color of Tawna to a much darker tone and is called Watermelon Tawna. Personally I would try to get rid of the watermelon motif and name.

Default skin:

Watermelon skin:


This is so retarded! Oh, no, I said another un-PC thing, "the R word". Anyway, no seriously, are these guys plumb stupid? :D I mean, this is kind of pushing some buttons I think. Well, anyway, if you're not from the US - you wouldn't get these stereotype things probably anyhow.

Well, some blacks and others might not be offended by this and even think it's funny - or perhaps they ignore it. Well, the thing is, though, that many groups can make jokes like this - and it's O.K., but not if some other group does it!
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meh, maybe some bad ideas went into it, but I'm just seeing her watermelon shirt is all.

It is all about the ideas as some gamers might not feel cool with the name given to change of skin as it can be perceived to be offensive. However, I wouldn't care much as long as all I desire is to game and have fun.
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