Couple steal from Native American gravesite in Hays County and smoked meth out of Baby Yoda


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Dec 11, 2018
According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, a game warden received an image from a cellphone game camera showing a man and woman trespassing and digging an archeological Native American burial site. The warden found the couple in a large hole previously dug by trespassers.

Before the warden could say anything, the man stood up and told the warden he wasn’t digging for arrowheads and hates diggers. The warden also learned during their conversation that the couple was a husband and wife out on a date. They were both detained in handcuffs and separated at the front and back of the warden’s vehicle.

The man admitted that he had a glass pipe in his pocket that he uses to smoke CBD oils. After a quick examination, the Baby Yoda glass pipe revealed small, clear and white crystals that looked like crystal meth, according to the report from Texas Parks and Wildlife.
And to put the icing on the shit sandwich:

The San Marcos Police Department took the couple to the Hays County Jail. While en route to jail, the man said he believed he had the coronavirus. He leaned forward against the partition and aggressively coughed toward the officers.


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