Could you give us a thread where you explain the prefixes?


Hi, I guess this might sound a bit silly to request, but I was posting in the Gaming Forum and I realized the prefix was optional and one of them was a controller (
). So while making my thread I was confused if I should ass the prefix. Some threads seemed to suggest it was to talk about a game in particular but if it hs a defined use, I could not get a clear idea with what I browsed.

I realized the General Forum also has prefixes like that so I thought it might be worth just to have a quick informative thread where people can check if they have any doubts about the prefixes used in the community. :)

I definitely liked them like that, without words, it was just that one I found a bit vague, and since I couldn't find any thread explaining the prefixes I figured it could do a good suggestion.
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Hi @Kaynil ,

Sorry for the confusion you may have felt and we thank you for your suggestion. We have made an FAQ thread for users who have doubts about what each prefix suggests.

Many thanks!