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CoolerMaster MWL vs Thermaltake Smart?


Hi, i have to choose between these two PSU (don't recommend me another):
- CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite 600w 80+ White
- Thermaltake Smart 600w 80+ White

In terms of quality, noise, etc.


Paradox of Nothingness
I'd go with the Thermaltake Smart. It allows you to plug 100-240V into the wall socket, while the MasterWatt is 200-240V. Beside that, the only difference is the price. The Thermaltake is around $50. The CoolerMaster is around $80.

Actually, scratch that. On Amazon, a lot of the Thermaltake reviews state that it's dead on arrival. The CoolerMaster reviews talk about noise, but there aren't any negative reviews about the power supplies dying. So go with the CoolerMaster.

Pro-tip: use PCPartPicker, it offers a free compatibility check.
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