Do you enjoy cooking? I like to cook. I often like to try making dishes I know how to make but add a new twist on them, or outright just try something completely new to see if my kids like it. Just recently I tried making chicken with cheetos crunched up into like a dust, it made it taste similar to KFC's chicken and my kids ate it up so fast it was quite amazing. :)

Do you enjoy cooking? What sort of dishes do you like to make? :)


I do enjoy cooking, reminds me of when I was young(er), especially deserts or larger meals. I don't really enjoy cooking for myself, nor do I enjoy cooking food that I generally don't want to eat myself. That being said, I consider myself a rather good cook and I would say I have a decent understanding of tastes and how certain products affect each other. One of my favorite dishes to make has to be Homemade Spaghetti with Meat and in that regard I mean that I also make the pasta myself, as well as "make" (don't actually slaughter the animal) the meatballs myself too. Though what I truly enjoy making about it is the sauce.

I have over average good tasting and as a result I am extremely picky about food and how it should taste. For better or worse, that has made me better at cooking as I tend to get compliments regarding how "rich" the tastes are.