Convergence of Survival Gaming: Small corner for lovers of the genre.


May 30, 2019
Hello friends. My name is Javi and I'm 25 years old, from Venezuela. I have played video games for most of my life, and today I am so involved in the community that It has become a way of life for me. Until recently I hadn't realized how much fan of adventure, mmrpg and survival games I am. I usually love playing pc game.

I want to create this thread to talk mainly about survival games, and adventure mmorpg, third person, isometric view or even 2D, games similar to Albion, Legend of Aria, Wild Terra Online, Minecraft, Terraria and more. I am willing to play any recommended game if possible and share mines.
Actually I'm active player of: World of Warcraft, Warframe, Wild Terra 2 Online, Old School Runescape, and recently started on Albion.

I would like to discuss new releases with the people on the forum, indie games, old school, classics titles... What we like most about these games, tell experiences, anecdotes and even play togetherm role-play.

To start I would like to know what survival crafting games with isometric views you know.

Allowed Games:

- Pc Games (mainly)
- Steam
- Mobile Games
- Console