Collection of new FPS games under 100 mb


Nov 21, 2019
I am sharing a list of games that have different kind of missions and which are far better than most famous games.

Modern Zombie Shooter:
In this game, you have to complete 10 different game simulations. Every mission is different from other.

Real 3D Sniper Shooter:
In this game, you can play unlimited game levels. You have to find and shoot the enemies that are randomly generating on the top of towers. Time is very important in this game.

Dead Zombie Killer:
This is an another shooting game like PUBG, in this game you have to survive from the deadly zombie and kill them within the time interval. Various game missions are different from each other.
I think graphics needs a bit of tweaking but yeah it's not that bad for the size under 100mb. It seems okay to me.
Lot of zombie games are under 100mb and lot of them can be played offline. I have noticed that as well.
Cool, but I'm not really into those types of games. I also prefer really nice graphics. I don't see a 100MB game looking better than say Destiny 2 which is around 50GB. hehe
I agree anything over even 5GB does not much make sense to me these days.
I suppose it's possible, but hi-rez textures, maps, etc. can eat a lot of space.

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