Circuits and Shields MOBA launches with $500 tournament


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May 16, 2021

The next generation of MOBA, Circuits and Shields features dynamic gameplay, streamlined systems, and unique game modes to create a modernized gaming experience. Once you play a game of Circuits, every other MOBA feels outdated.

It's a bold claim, we know! But after years of development, we're super happy where our gameplay sits and we're looking to share it with the world! If you're a fan of games like LoL/DotA2/HotS, give us a chance! We share enough similarities to feel familiar to veterans, but there's a ton of new mechanics and systems to bring those games into 2021 with modern design. Our primary game mode Circuitball is a unique blend of Capture the Flag, Rocket League, and traditional MOBA combat. You can find out more about Circuitball here:

We just announced a $500 tournament that is completely free to sign up! Everyone's a noob and our game is super easy to pick up and do well at, so don't worry about never having played. In fact, you can start playing immediately after signing up and start getting that experience to get a leg up on your competition.

You can find details of the tournament at Circuits and Shields - Alpha Kickoff Tournament Overview

If you just want to follow development, but aren't interested in the tournament, you can join Join the Circuits and Shields Discord Server!

Look forward to seeing you in the tournament!

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