Choosing the best gaming router with decent QoS


My friend has an 80/20 product - what speed he gets im unsure...decent though i think... he says he sometimes gets lag, theres only him gaming 7-9 pm, his son gaming or watching Netflix and wife uses Netflix/laptop

he likes to buy the best,,,

I explained about QoS and wondered if any forum members could guide use to a decent one?
also would a combined one with a VDSL modem be better to shave a few milliseconds off?

many thanks in advance



No Idea about QOS where did you get the information about it? Any chance to know it like through Link?
So long as the router matches the speed of the given internet provided, any of them will work just fine. You would only need a better one with QoS if there is a lot of people with different devices planning on gaming or heavy streaming.