Chile: Hackers broke into a 300-person international Zoom meeting and posted child exploitation images


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Dec 12, 2018
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On Thursday night, a massive international meeting by Zoom ended horribly: Hundreds of users of the now popular video conferencing app saw images of child sexual exploitation appear on their screens. It was a symposium on vascular neurosurgery with more than 300 participants from various countries, as confirmed by Cooperativa doctors who at that time were participating in the meeting.

"When I was presenting one of the exhibitors, photos of pedophile material appeared on all the screens," they reported, after about an hour of the conference. There they all left, although one of them kept the recording to make a complaint to the PDI .

The case shows a worrying rise in crimes of this type on the internet and even on the most popular social networks. Recently, the Metropolitan Cybercrime Brigade confirmed that it is investigating an Instagram account that broadcast images about child sexual abuse . In recent weeks, Zoom has become one of the most downloaded and questioned applications on the web .

With the social isolation and quarantines around the world from the Covid-19 pandemic, it was considered by many to be the easiest free tool to keep in touch with, in addition to using it for work and class video conferences. But your security and privacy are under fire .

Specialized media revealed that more than 500,000 Zoom users were hacked and their data was sold. Thus, every day there are complaints from people to whom strangers interrupt their video calls. Others simply decided to ban its use.

"At least I made the decision not to go into that thing anymore ," said one of the doctors present, who believes that hackers go to video conferences when they notice that they have many attendees.The symposium organized by Colombian doctors ended abruptly and, according to what they say, they are looking for other safer apps to continue working.

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