Chicken Police - The Animal Noir game is here!

Zipp the Raccoon

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Jun 11, 2019
Hello Everyone! :)

I am the writer of the game called Chicken Police which is now on steam!

Chicken Police is a story-based adventure game with point & click and visual novel elements, Seat in the fictional world of Clawville. Featuring the story of the once famous detective duo, an odd couple of rooster heroes. The art style is pretty unique, elevating the already grippy noir atmosphere.

Please hit wishlist if you like what you see. Every wishlist is a big-big-big help for us. :)

Chicken Police in a nutshell:
Imagine a dark, mature themed adventure featuring absurd humor, unique locations and characters. Add a great story with many backtracking possibilities, over 30 characters to talk to, clues, items and evidences to aid your investigation and a unique interrogation system to help you unravel the mystery.

Even though it is a true noir that does not lack violence or sexuality, the animal inhabitants of Clawville and our two rooster heroes give it a special, absurd approach.

Feel free to ask anything about the game!

Thanks for your time everyone! :)

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