Cheat codes , do they make a game better?


Personally I tried them only in G.T.A.
They ruin some games specially the competitive ones. so I am against them.


For sure! LOL, ;)
I used them in GTA and man it really worked there. I could swim in the ocean and don't die.:sneaky: It looks like your second life in a perfect world with no failure! But sometimes I feel I like to die, LOL. So these cheat codes are not always fun.
Well cheat codes we're pretty good to used. It makes you get away with an impending lose during a game. However, it still feels good to win because I did what I can. I avoid using it most of the time.


It depends on the game. Devs use a lot of 'cheats' to test the game out and stress it at the exact point they need to, to see if it works. Gamers can also use cheats to test out the game. Take a game such as Mount and Blade: Warband for example. You need to have a plan in that game. You need to figure out your build, and what items you want by the end-game. Using cheats allows you to figure out that end character, testing out particular weapons and armours, get a full party immediately to test its strength and figure out how much income you'll need to support it, et cetera.

In Crusader Kings II, console commands allow a new player to learn this complex game far more quickly. You're able to test out mechanics and optimise your strategy. You can figure out which counties you'll need to hold, what sort of retinue will curbstomp best, et cetera.

Cheats are good for testing. They're good if you want to figure out a plan that'll take you, when gaming legitly, to something OP.


Yeah if you want to a next level with less time consumed. But it would not make the game fun if you keep cheating. You might skip the fun ways of accomplishing a certain task. Boredom might strike you if the game does not give a challenging task. But sometimes, cheating might help to get rid of the frustrations you gained from not succeeding in a certain given task.


I think for some games cheat codes make the game better while for others they make it worse. For example, I wouldn't play the sims if I didn't use cheat codes because it takes a long time to earn money in that game.

On the other hand, there are games where I want to complete the quests and adventures on my own merit like GTA or Tomb Raider for example and using cheat codes takes away from that satisfaction of doing it on my own. However, if I can't finish a level and have tried every possible way I can think of but my strategies aren't working, I'm not opposed to using cheat codes so I can move on to the next level.


Not really. Cheating will not give you satisfaction in any case whether its a game or in any things. Yes you can win easily, but it's just fooling yourself on that thing. A good game can be earn with a good play of the game.
I guess it depends on the situation or the game itself. Most games are cheat-proof and there is just no way to hack it. Other games are more open and susceptible to cheats and hacks so there's that. However, I believe it will not give you satisfaction if you win a game using cheat so there's that also. In the end, it really depends on the person playing the game.


I feel like cheats codes are a lot of fun in certain games like GTA or The Sims but honestly, cheating will never give you the satisfaction of knowing you just beat that freaking level that was so hard and took you ages to defeat, by yourself.


Hell no! I've never used the cheat codes, even once - believe me! I don't see the point of them at all.
I can't see how they can add something good to any game. I prefer to feel the real emotion with all the difficulties that may appear and I do not want to make things easier. the game can be difficult, complicated... But it has to be real.


I have never tried using cheat codes but I think they make the game fun at first. You could try and do things you could never do in normal games and be better than others. But I'm sure after a few games of being unbeatable it would get boring eventually. The whole point of playing, which is conquering obstacles and challenges, would be defeated. In the long run, cheat codes would make a game boring and useless.


Definitely, but it also depends on what type of game you are playing. I only use cheat codes when I am really frustrated because I have been stuck on a certain level for so long and I badly want to go next to another level but I don't know how. Though, the essence of playing games are overcoming obstacles, and conquering challenges, it isn't so bad to use a trick right under your sleeve a little.


I never tried to use cheat codes ang honestly I am not that aware on how it works but In my part as of now, I am not into it because it is more enjoyable playing a games, aiming for victory and achieved it in my own techniques and ways. Owning a victory without using any kind of cheat is different experience compare to winning using a cheat codes. Using a cheat codes can maybe use sometimes for experience some moves but not all the time.


No. Never. I won't say that I haven't tried cheat codes, because I did. Do you know what happened after I tried it? It's same as the others, it made the game less fun, exciting and challenging, which lead me to quitting it.


Cheats are okay when you are just having a great time but you couldn't know the real purpose of the game when you use some cheats. Cheats makes the game more enjoyable and easy but it wasn't good when using it through some mission. The game was made to actually complete it without the cheats, so cheats are just adding some happiness to the game.


I see no problem with people using cheats codes unless it's an online game with a ranking system then that's just not fair. But on offline games, using cheats just makes the game boring. That's just my opinion. It makes the game too easy and takes out the challenge in a game.


I have not tried using cheat codes but there are games and apps that are modded by some devs just to have that unlimited money to buy ammo to kill those zombies. I remeber I used to play a modded Dead Trigger app and it really made me reach new areas of the game and got to use those big guns and cool toys for the kill. Its really addictive since it has unlimited gold to buy stuff. It ended when I changed my phone and upgraded, and unfortunately it only works for lower versions of android


Only if there are dull and frustrating moments in the game and you my need a couple to let loose or even help you out.


Cheat codes were designed for the game testers. So that game testers can finish the game quickly and notify of the bugs. But leaking of cheat codes has resulted into the cult of it's own kind. I think many games have been damaged because of this. I can tell you that many people quit gaming once they get used to the cheat codes.


Cheat codes will not make a player better because without those codes he/she will lose or will not rise to a higher level. I hate the players who are using cheat codes or any way to win easy and faster, is not fair to the other players.