Charli XCX releases single 'Forever' from her upcoming quarantine album 'How I’m Feeling Now' out May 15



'Forever' from upcoming quarantine album 'how i'm feeling now', out May 15th.

Of course, a lot of artists are probably aiming to do the same, and we’ve already entered the deluge of pandemic-themed songs. But Charli actually announced the album earlier this week. It’s called How I’m Feeling Now, it’s supposed to be out 5/15, and she’ll take input from fans as she makes it in real time. “I’m going to basically be making it live from scratch — there are a couple ideas in the works, but basically I’m starting from nothing,” she explained in a Zoom session that day. She’s producing it alongside A.G. Cook and BJ Burton.

Charli XCX Is Making A New Album In Quarantine